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Our story

The Northeastern Ontario Corvettes club, the Capital Corvette Club and the Eastern Ontario Corvette club were the first to join forces to create the original National Corvette Alliance Group Canada, aka NCAGC. As word of mouth spread, the Corvette Club of Ontario, the Corvettes of  Western Ontario, the Saugeen Shores Corvette club, the Hamilton Corvette Club, Lake Country Corvette Club and the National Corvette Restorers Society Ontario Chapter have joined the umbrella organization. These clubs receive quality and affordable liability insurance and without, they would be subject to personal liability if any claims were ever put forth against their club.

Our purpose is to provide a complete General Liability, Directors & Officers and Tenants Legal Liability policy for Corvette clubs at a reasonable cost and promote the calendar of events for each club that is a member of the Alliance. Our policy has been in place since the early 1970's. Very few claims have been placed over the years, therefore the cost per member is very reasonable.

The NCAGC created a Foundation in mid 2020 to support education for Canadian college/university students. We also intend to support NCAGC Corvette club charities as the NCAGC Foundation grows. We aspire to expand our umbrella alliance group and support the Corvette Nation here in Canada.

corvette sculter.jpg
corvette sculter.jpg

Helping our next generation.

Design engineering students preparing a clay mold of a C8 Corvette at a GM plant.

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