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In 2020, the three originating clubs acquired a complete liability insurance policy that covered all of the clubs' needs for coverage and at a reasonable cost. The NCAGC was now established and other Corvette clubs heard about our venture and asked to join us. Over the next 5 years, six Corvette clubs agreed to join the umbrella group making nine in total. Not only do we provide quality liability insurance to our member clubs, we provide support and information to all clubs regarding any club matters. We promote each other's events as well. The NCAGC does not have any say on how Corvette clubs run their operation, we wish for the membership to help make decisions for their club, as it should be.

The NCAGC has also created a Foundation to support students. Some deserving students will be provided with a bursary to help with the cost of their education in automotive engineering and other automotive courses provided in our colleges or universities. When we have fully established the Foundation working with corporate Canada companies, our Corvette club charities will also benefit from donated funds.

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The NCAGC organization provides Corvette clubs across Canada with proper and affordable liability insurance. Without this type of coverage, we leave our clubs and our members at risk of a lawsuit should any liability issue ever transpire. General liability, Directors and Officers and Tenants insurances  are recommended by the NCAGC.

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