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QUESTION:  What does the National Corvette Alliance Group Canada do?
ANSWER:  We support Corvette clubs and their charities, we support education and the future of the automotive industry.  We work with business to create a better tomorrow for the less fortunate.

 About the NCAGC

The National Corvette Alliance Group Canada (NCAGC) a Not for Profit organization, was formed in 2019 by three Corvette clubs in Ontario. The first purpose was to help acquire affordable insurance for Corvette clubs. Through the National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada (NAACC) and their insurance provider, our Corvette clubs acquired full insurance coverage at a very reasonable rate.

Our second purpose is to provide financial support to all of our clubs charities  including having an annuity for a student chosen by the NCAGC and colleges and universities.

     The Northeastern Ontario Corvettes club, the Capital Corvette Club and the Eastern Ontario Corvette club were the first to join forces to create the NCAGC. As word of mouth spread, the Corvette Club of Ontario and the Corvettes of Western Ontario joined the umbrella organization. We now are promoting our Alliance Group across Canada for those clubs that require insurance and wish to be part of this larger picture, by supporting charities, supporting education and expanding the Corvette Nation here in Canada. 

Corvette club members making a difference.

 You can say that we are on a modern crusade. Together, we drive the worlds most iconic car, in and around our cities. We take the time to help out our charities, by raising funds and holding special events. Protocol for clubs is to carry liability insurance. Without this type of coverage, we leave our clubs and members at risk of a lawsuit should any liability issue ever transpire. General liability, Directors and Officers and Tenants insurances  are recommended by the NCAGC. These coverage's allow the clubs to move forward knowing that they have a full coverage insurance policy at a very reasonable price. Through the NAACC, the Alliance Group and our Corvette clubs have acquired policies with the Reliance Insurance Agencies Ltd. We offer this insurance policy to all Corvette clubs in Canada.
      The NCAGC  has a second function. It is to invite corporate Canada to participate with us by raising and donating funds to our clubs charities of choice. We will also grant an annuity to a student attending college or university studying in the automotive field. 
   We, the NCAGC are asking corporate Canada to help US help THEM. With your generous donations, the Corvette clubs under this umbrella will be providing a better future for those that require assistance. Together, we will be making a big difference.

Our Corvette clubs and their charities of choice.

The Northeastern Ontario Corvettes club are proudly supporting the North Bay and the Greater Sudbury Food Banks.

The Eastern Ontario Corvette club are proudly supporting Almost Home, the Kingston Military Family Resource Centre, Military Veterans Program Plus , Princess Of Wales Own Regiment Pipes and Drums, and the Kingston Police. 

The Capital Corvette Club are proudly supporting the Heart and Stroke Foundation.
The Corvettes of Western Ontario club for many years have been supporting the War Amps – Child Amputee Programs.


The Corvette Club of Ontario are proudly supporting the Salvation Army Food Bank. 

NCAGC Executive members are:
Guy Tessier: NCAGC President, NOC club President
John Price: NCAGC Vice President, EOC club President
John Scapillati: NCAGC Executive Secretary, CCC club President
Our collegiate recipients.
NCAGC 2020 bursary recipient:
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We are inviting you, the corporate world to partake in our initiative. The NCAGC has created a NEW fundraising body. With your help, we can make a big difference in our Corvette nation communities. By placing a charitable donation, funds will funnel down to our club charities. You will be funding hope for those that need it the most, helping individuals get better education, feeding hunger on our streets and much more. These are just some of the charities and people that our Corvette clubs support. By donating, you help support the Corvette nation and our vision of helping others.



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